Why You Need to See Yourself as a Unique Brand

“Great brands engender Instant Recognition, Preferred Positioning & Loyalty.” — LJK

Zero In on Yourself

See Yourself as a “Brand”, then Create & Manage It

You Need to Be Visible

Don’t underestimate the hurdles Digital Obscurity creates

24/7 Search Engine

Optimize Profiles to Work For You, Not Against You

Realize More Value

See your Social Graph as one of your most valuable assets

What is The Process Like?

1. Identify the Types of Problems You Love to Solve
  • LinkedIn’s culture expects you to help others first, not just promote yourself
  • Focus more on what you’ve done than where you’ve been
2. Share the “Running Themes” in Your Career
  • We’re always drawn to what we enjoy, even if it’s a side hustle or a volunteer role
  • Identify what you’re naturally attracted to and include those opportunities in your profile
3. Get Endorsements & Recommendations – Social Proof
  • Request kudos for skills, expertise along with well-thought out testimonials
  • We can never speak as well about ourselves as others can about us
  • Be sure to reflect the soft-skills as well as the accomplishments

Ready to Create Your Unique Brand?

I’m here to help you step
outside your comfort zone!

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