Are You REALLY Visible Online?

It’s Surprising How Invisible You Can Be to

the People Who Really Need You

The business of being visible has never been more important, especially if you’re in transition. Understanding why visibility counts, why it’s meaningful and matters, how it affects your online brand, and what you can do about is what I call Visibility Intelligence. 

Think about it…Just because you’re online, you’re actually not as visible as you might think.

In fact, you might be surprised to discover how relatively invisible you are.

What’s more, with LinkedIn exceeding a half-billion members (two new members signing up every second), the playground has never been more competitive.

Ask yourself: “Have I make it easy for others to find me online?”

Particularly if you’re…

  • Looking for the right job openings
  • Lining up strategic partnerships
  • Promoting a new book
  • Graduating from college or grad school
  • Identifying gigs for speaking opportunities
  • Seeking funding to start or grow your business
  • Trying to open doors to decision-makers

Then, imagine all the talent seekers for organizations that are recruiting 24/7 online. They’ve never had such a rich choice of options. So how easy is it for them to find you — when they really need what you offer but they don’t even know your name?

That’s where I come inI create the kind of visibility for online communications to align exactly with what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re in transition, in the middle of changing jobs or careers, graduating, retiring, starting a new business, revising your brands, or launching new products, let’s talk about how to boost your Visibility Quotient so people who need your expertise can find you.

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My Approach to Award-Winning Coaching

Linda Kempin at a Speaker event

I never dreamed of being a professional coach…but, as they say, life happens when you’re making other plans.

At the start of the last recession, I found myself in the midst of a perfect storm. The result was a pivot from my prior successes in Corporate America to launching my own business. The pivot was so unexpected that one of my clients published an article about why and how I became a “Reluctant Entrepreneur!”

During this transition I also opted to earn a Masters in Internet Marketing and take a deep dive into THE preferred professional networking platform. I already knew LinkedIn would be working for me 24/7 while I was riding out a weak economy, growing my consulting practice, and  helping my husband recover from a medical setback.

Things came together thanks to the great coaching I received, coupled with my early success helping a few C-level clients create their competitive edge on LinkedIn. I also discovered during the last recession that I could really help clients shorten their job search and secure the roles they really wanted — rather than “settling for less” in a poor economy — primarily by harnessing the power of LinkedIn.

Today clients turn to me when they have an urgent career goal that they want to move forward. Often they’re feeling stuck and can’t get traction.

Those urgent needs aren’t limited to job loss either. Check out the 9 categories that appear on the Home page of this website for a variety of career situations where LinkedIn can propel you forward.

My approach to coaching hinges on 4 critical elements:

  1. Listening closely throughout the process to both the client’s aspirations & issues: what’s working, and what isn’t.
  2. Helping clients “get unstuck” by using LinkedIn to create their unique competitive edge so they can attract the RIGHT opportunities.
  3. Total collaboration using my proprietary, One-to-One
    “Done-WITH-You” process.
    Clients are referred to me for my signature approach after being frustrated by group-based LinkedIn training, cosmetic ‘done for you’ services that don’t move the needle, and/or DIY online courses that provide tips and techniques but lack critical follow-through.
  4. Connecting the dots in each client’s unique story to achieve the synergy and visibility they need to be seen by the people who really need them.

Helping my clients attract the right career opportunities is the most personally rewarding work I’ve ever done. And now I’ve been honored with external confirmation.

In September, Business Insider named me one of its Top 23 Innovative Career Coaches. My heartfelt thanks for this special recognition and the outflow of support from so many of my clients who nominated me.



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