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Linda Kempin

Award Winning Personal Online Branding & LinkedIn Coach

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“Linda has been recognized as one of the Top 
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Terry B.

Terry B.

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“Linda is the finest LinkedIn subject-matter
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Job search isn’t getting traction? Feeling out-of-step since you “haven’t looked for a job in a lifetime”? You’re not alone. The tactics we once relied on don’t work today. Your LinkedIn profile should showcase your expertise and competitive edge so recruiters & hiring managers will find you for the right opportunities.

02 International Executives

A foreign national executive?

Trying to establish a business presence in the U.S.? Looking for U.S. partners & funding? A U.S-savvy approach to your LinkedIn presence provides immediate credibility with Prospects, Clients, Stakeholders & Civic Leaders, elevates your visibility in search results and opens doors to decision-makers.

A Recent Grad?

Eager to apply everything you’ve learned into a great new job? Trying to build a network that will help you with introductions? Recruiters & Hiring Managers are searching for your skills 24/7, but your LinkedIn profile has to align with how they source top talent so they can actually find you among over a half-billion other members.

06 Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Small business owners & entrepreneurs?

Is it taking too long to establish yourself in a competitive market? Are you up against big brands that charge less and have name recognition but can’t deliver the care and quality you provide? The right LinkedIn presence for you and your company can quickly boost your visibility and level the playing field.

WorkForce Re-Entry

re-entering the workforce?

Waiting for your youngest to get her driver’s license, freeing you to pursue your career goals? Had to step out for an ailing loved one and/or homeschooling overload during COVID? Help LinkedIn help you in the interim so you can position yourself now for your dream role.

a service member or military spouse?

Unclear about creating your Online Brand after a career that’s always been focused on the team? Saturated with LinkedIn tips without a way to execute? My Done-WITH-You process boosts confidence & visibility during your transition, delivering the often overlooked follow-through needed to attract the right civilian opportunities.

Planning a career pivot?

Have an itch only a new job can scratch? Feeling “stuck” between your desire to change careers or keep your current job due to COVID? LinkedIn can provide the perfect bridge, creating a search engine that’s working for you 24/7 to attract what you want next while you’re working your day job.

Jockeying for Promotion


Eager to demonstrate that you’re ready for a move up in the ranks? Are you the “acting” head who needs to win over senior leaders and board members? Your LinkedIn profile can really open eyes internally to quickly showcase your expertise, career successes, and leadership style better than a stack of performance evals.

 Group Training


Looking for another marketing option in the competitive world of online learning? Eager to establish a community that can include prospective students, alums, faculty, employers and donors? LinkedIn offers a unique way to showcase how your program(s) are special academically, socially and culturally.

“Which of These Issues Are You Facing?”

“In today’s Visibility Economy there’s a new brand of Winners and Losers. You WIN when you use LinkedIn right: Opportunities Find YOU!”



Linda Kempin

I thrive on helping people move their careers forward, especially through challenging times like the one we faced during the COVID pandemic. I actually launched my LinkedIn Coaching practice during the last recession, and while that may seem like an inopportune time, it was really a benefit.

That’s when I discovered how I could harness the power of LinkedIn to help jobseekers who were “stuck” and not getting traction to achieve their career goals and land in jobs they loved.

I enjoy the collaborative Online Branding work that I do with my “5-Star” Clients. As they discover how LinkedIn really works behind the scenes, they enjoy the benefits of a powerful synergy that aligns with their career goals. Some even call it “transformational”.

The result? Opportunities Find You!

I particularly enjoy:

  • Sharing insights so people can be “Winners” instead of “Losers” in our Visibility Economy
  • Enabling clients to tactfully express their FULL value (most of us stop short)
  • Helping companies engage their employees & ambassadors to “live the brand” and extend their sphere of influence.
  • Arming Conference Attendees & Podcast Audiences with critical SEO Strategies to improve their Online Presence.
  • Positioning leadership teams to secure additional funding.
  • Leveling the competitive landscape for small business owners via LinkedIn.
  • Training Sales Teams eager to better leverage the online arena through compelling profiles, relationship building & a strong social network.

I am honored to serve a loyal following of global CXOs, senior leadership groups, retiring military officers, and sales teams. From Enterprise companies to ground-breaking, innovative start-ups, I enjoy helping their leaders reposition themselves and their businesses for growth.

Last but not least, I have a track record of building lasting relationships based on trust & confidence. Over 98% of my clients come through personal referrals. Contact me and let me know how I can help you.


“Your LinkedIn profile is the gatekeeper to your career advancement. The good news is that YOU hold the key!”


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